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New Directions in Jewellery II

New Directions in Jewellery II

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New Directions in Jewellery II is a sourcebook of the most experimental jewelry design today, focusing on innovations in materials, technique, scale and concept as exemplified by the work of over 40 makers. Following the success of New Directions in Jewellery, this second volume showcases a whole new range of designers, placing greater emphasis on international trends and new developments in the medium. Focusing on contemporary jewelry as an experimental practice that engages with fine art, craft, design, fashion and popular culture, this book further challenges our conception of adornment. Profiles of jewelers working in a variety of ways -- from those who are manipulating the properties of metal to conceptual works that critique the cultural and social meanings that have built up around the wearing and manufacture of jewelry -- document the progress of an everbroadening discipline. Alongside the visual survey is an essay by maker and academic Lin Cheung, exploring the relationship between wearer and work, which further contributes to a unique archive of the contemporary practice of this diverse discipline.