Dealmaker: A Real Estate Mogul's Blueprint for Success

Dealmaker: A Real Estate Mogul's Blueprint for Success

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This dynamic book is a must-read for anyone who wants to make serious money in real estate.

Jerry L. Wallace is a mega developer who built an empire from scratch--he has put under construction, planning, or contract more than $6 billion in property in less than four years. In Dealmaker, he reveals, for the first time, exactly how he did it...and how anyone--from novice to pro--can use the same process.

Dealmaker is an invaluable collection of Wallace's reale state secrets--his insights, wisdom, and real-world techniques. While real estate novices will find practical tips they can use on virtually every page, this book is also a powerful tool for anyone already involved in the real estate industry who wishes to achieve greater success.

Dealmaker outlines in a clear and concise style:
* How to think like a developer.
* How to develop the skills to be self-sufficient in a shaky economy.
* How to locate suitable properties.
* How to negotiate the best contract terms. * How to attract investors.
* How to leverage moderate success into a future fortune.

What makes this book stand out from all of the "get rich" books and television infomercials? Wallace has utilized every secret he shares in this book--techniques that took him from bankruptcy to success.

By reading and following Wallace's strategies, anyone can learn to be a Dealmaker!