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Beyond Food Production: The Role of Agriculture Inpoverty Reduction

Beyond Food Production: The Role of Agriculture Inpoverty Reduction

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The importance of agricultural growth to poverty reduction is well known, but the specific channels through which the poor can take advantage of growth require further research. Beyond Food Production takes on this challenge, investigating four important channels: rural labor markets, farm incomes, food prices, and linkages to other economic sectors.

Using six developing country cases, this study elucidates the mechanisms linking agriculture growth to economic development and the wellbeing of the poor. The evidence shows that governments should view the sector's contribution in wider terms, recognizing both its interaction with other economic sectors, and that labor markets and trade policies can play a critical role in mediating agriculture's impact on poor households' incomes. To achieve effective rural poverty strategies the book calls for a broad economy-wide perspective on the role of agriculture in the overall growth process.

This book will be of great interest to students of international agricultural development as well as economists and professionals serving in international development organizations.