Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Global Economy

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and the Global Economy

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`Globalization has jarred the traditional role and competitiveness of small- and medium-sized enterprises. This masterful volume comprises leading scholars, policy makers and business leaders who have new insights and strategies for SMEs creating opportunities rather than being victims of globalization. The result is a breakthrough in our understanding of entrepreneurship in the global context.'
- David Audretsch, Indiana University, US

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often have difficulty competing in the global economy unless they collaborate with domestic or foreign partners or with public sector organizations. This book addresses the resource leverage and innovation challenges that increased global trade represents for SMEs. In doing so, it explores how SMEs can become more competitive at home and in foreign markets as stand-alone firms or as members of supplier and customer networks.

SMEs are turning increasingly to innovation as a source of competitive advantage in order to protect their home markets and participate in expanding foreign markets. The contributors to this volume - leading experts in entrepreneurship, innovation, and international business - provide in-depth coverage of the most compelling issues facing SMEs. These include: innovation as a competitive strategy, network dynamics, ways to leverage technology, internationalization, and the role of the public sector in helping SMEs to overcome resource deficiencies.

This comprehensive look at SMEs in the global marketplace will be of great interest to academics who study entrepreneurship, innovation, or international business, officials from public sector agencies with responsibility for helping SMEs to internationalize and become more innovative, and senior executives of SMEs or executives of larger companies who are considering collaboration with SMEs.

Contents: Introduction Part I: Innovation and Competitive Advantage Part II: Network Dynamics Part III: Technology and Enhanced Capabilities Part IV: Internationalization Part V: Role of the Public Sector Part VI: Executive Summaries Index

Contributors: J. Andrews, A. Camuffo, G. Cattani, S. Chamberlain, D. Crick, H. Etemad, M. Freel, A. Furlan, R. Grandinetti, T. Guay, J. Hoban, M.V. Jones, A. Kaufman, M. Kujawa, K. Lint, J.H Love, J.W. Lu, C. Maitland, D.J. Maslach, R.B. McNaughton, V. Ojala, T. O'Shaughnessy, J.M. Pennings, I.J. Petrick, S. Roper, M. Rosales, P. Shapira, M. Spence, J.P. Stites, G.I. Susman, P.M. Swamidass, M.I. Tambakeras, D. Ucbasaran, V. Vulasa, P. Westhead, C.H. Wood, M. Wright, Z. Wu, J. Youti