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Successful Leadership Skills (Business Buddies Series)

Successful Leadership Skills (Business Buddies Series)

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Barron's new Business Buddies series for career-minded men and women present at-a-glance tips and advice, checklists, and important little secrets for getting ahead in the world of business. Specific topics cover the full spectrum of do's and do'ts, and are presented in user-friendly capsule form with an emphasis on practicality. No lengthy theoretical essays here, these books offer simple presentations of quick-reference facts to help readers set career goals and accomplish business tasks that ill validate them as successful professionals. Both beginners and experienced men and women in management, marketing, communications, and virtually all other fields of business will value these books for their easy style and their succinct, results-producng advice. This book presents a valuable outline of the key skills successful business leaders must master, including planning and organization, motivating and inspiring business team members, setting clear goals, and producing desired results.