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Nanotechnology Regulation And Policy Worldwide

Nanotechnology Regulation And Policy Worldwide

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The emerging commercial application of nanotechnoloy involves devices, processes, and materials that are manipulated at the atomic and molecular level. This first-of-its-kind resource identifies and describes the legal and policy initiatives aimed at encouraging or restricting nanotech research and applications. The book offers an up-to-date understanding of how to comply with regulations in different countries as nanotechnology applications are developed. Professionals find expert guidance on how to protect intellectual property rights associated with this hot technological area.

This unique volume discusses ways in which applicable laws, regulations, and public policies can be structured and enforced to effectively balance encouragement for nanotechnology with protection of the public interest. Moreover, the book explains how to use regulations to protect key interests from the adverse impact of nanotechnology. From an overview of the current global status of nanotechnology R&D… to health/medical, environmental, public safety, and international trade regulations that affect nanotechnology… to projections of the future impact of regulation on nanotech research and commercialization, this authoritative reference is essential reading for anyone involved in this burgeoning field.

1 edition.