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Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service

Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service

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Crew Resource Management for the Fire Service will provide fire service professionals with the necessary communication, leadership, and decision-making tools to operate safely and effectively under stressful conditions, thereby reducing injuries and deaths on the emergency scene. Although the concept of crew resource management has been around since the 1970s, this is the first book to apply CRM to the fire service industry. CRM emphasizes that in most cases technology isn't the root cause of catastrophe—human error is the culprit. Therefore steps taken to minimize the impact of errors are the keys to reducing the magnitude of the inevitable human failing. This book will be valuable for college classes, and may be used internationally by the fire service, emergency medical services, industrial fire brigades, technical rescue teams, and any other emergency service provider systems.

Features & benefits:

Explains the predictable manner in which firefighters react to stressful situations

Teaches methods and tools to combat these problems to provide safer and more effective operations

Provides a framework for cultural change in fire departments

Perfectly suited for both wildland and structural firefighters