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Quality: A Corporate Force, Managing for Excellence

Quality: A Corporate Force, Managing for Excellence

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Companies cannot simply decide that they want to "do quality" and be successful with their implementations. Quality cannot be an objective by itself - rather it is a consequence of the organization doing a lot of things properly. Quality will follow because quality principles form the cornerstone of management practice. Readers who understand this message will have a deeper insight into what ingredients are essential for corporate success. "Quality: A Corporate Force" instructs the reader how to manage in order to ensure that the right kinds of behaviors are taking place. Open systems and capability models./Focus on real-world management issues and applications./Coverage of process analysis problem-solving and creative tools./Coverage of statistical tools and measurement processes./Learning objectives and key outcomes./Callout of key terms and key ideas./Coverage of the human element and the human resource system./Coverage of senior management issues. This book covers topics of interest to all levels of an organization - from the formulation of strategy to the formation of Six Sigma project teams.