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Organizational Change: Interlevel Dynamics and Strategy

Organizational Change: Interlevel Dynamics and Strategy

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Exploring the discontinuous nature of forces for change--both in the external global environment and in the internal environment--which make organizational growth, development and even survival a skilled activity, this book guides the reader through the intricacies of this complex subject.

Traditionally, strategy and organization development and change have occupied different worlds; one grounded in the economic and management sciences, the other in the applied behavioural sciences. In this text, these two worlds are bridged using a framework of organizational levels. Coghlan and Rashford focus on how the strategy and change process involves individuals (CEO, senior managers and others), teams (senior management team, board, other teams), the inter-departmental group (inter team) and the organization (in its external relations) in systemic interactions.

Expertly combining theory with practice, this will be a valuable book for masters level and advanced undergraduate students, and for all those concerned with strategy and change.