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Physicians as Leaders: Who, How, and Why Now?

Physicians as Leaders: Who, How, and Why Now?

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This timely book is a practical guide for all physicians who want to positively and powerfully influence healthcare delivery, for patients' sake.

The book offers a 'stepping stones' framework for credibility, clarity, collaboration, coordination and change. Those concepts are illuminated with words of advice from dozens of physician leaders representing various practice settings and clinical specialties. Readers will glean insights for a wide range of leadership approaches as modeled by organizational executives, activists, innovators and standard bearers.

Packed with questions for reflection or discussion, and supported by evidence-based references to current best practices, this book by McKenna and Pugno provides actionable guidance for physicians. Readers will discover how to build upon their unique strengths and passions, enhancing their leadership impact through coaching, education and on-the-job experiences. A useful resource for all physicians, this book will enhance readers' effectiveness and rekindle their sense of purpose in their profession.

"In PHYSICIANS AS LEADERS, McKenna and Pugno [offer] provocative, conceptually clear but terse reminders of important leadership concepts… This makes for an 'enjoyable read', but never a superficial treatment… I came to think of this book as 'dinner conversations' that were memorable, provocative, and informative. Physicians concerned with transformational leadership requirements for creating a new future for healthcare will likewise savor the dialog." Excerpted from the book's Foreword by AndrA© L Delbecq, DBA, MBA, FACPE, Emeritus Dean of the Santa Clara University School of Business