CRM Project Management:  Managing OTS Enterprise Wide Application Implementations

CRM Project Management: Managing OTS Enterprise Wide Application Implementations

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) product vendor professional services know some secrets. So do their integrators. Perhaps they are not so much clandestine as they are rarely recognized as truths that should be considered as manageable risks by the firms that plan to implement CRM as enterprise wide solutions. This book uses Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies as the vehicle to provide a structured approach to managing enterprise wide solutions. However, the concepts and constructs explained are just as applicable to the management of other complex information technology solutions, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). For those who are advanced in the art and science of managing I/T projects, CRM or not, enterprise wide not withstanding, and independent of the technology or critical impact upon the enterprise, this book is likely to provide perspectives that have yet to be encountered or considered. With ultimate success riding on the ability to relate many management and technical disciplines within one complex program, management would be well advised to think twice about absolute reliance upon a trusted advisor who has personally managed one or more entire CRM projects, though an advisor will obviously be a key cog in the machinery that must be put in place. So will those that possess extended formal education and years of experience tainted with professional certifications and the school of Hard Knocks. Concentrate on the well-intentioned content provided here to supplement talented resources. The combination will make CRM endeavors as successful as will be technically and managerially feasible.