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The Fake Factor: Why We Love Brands but Buy Fakes

The Fake Factor: Why We Love Brands but Buy Fakes

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The complex relationship between expensive brands, such as Coach, Gucci, and Prada, and their knockoff counterparts is examined in this sociological look at high-end branding. Assuming that branding, and the high price that often comes with it, is a guarantee for high quality, this analysis looks not only at what it takes for a brand to become worthy of being copied, but also at why consumers forego quality for brand recognition and even brag about their fake's lack of credibility. The financial and emotional benefits of fakes for both consumers and fake manufacturers are discussed, as well as what brands can do to entice consumers to buy the real thing. For marketing students, professionals, and those interested in the luxury goods market, this unusual analysis provides a fresh perspective on marketing's ever-elusive desire to understand what it is that drives consumers to buy what they buy.