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e-Business: Organizational and Technical Foundations

e-Business: Organizational and Technical Foundations

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e-business inextricably aligns technological advances with business models, business repurposing efforts and organizational structures in order to support end-to-end business processes that span the boundaries of the extended enterprise value chain.
  • Using lots of real-world examples, this incisive guide helps people understand the theory and practice of e-business today
  • Offers a thorough examination of the relationship of e-business to business strategy, from business models, supply chains and integrated value chains to governance structures
  • Covers key topics that businesses need to consider with designing an e-business strategy, from XML and business processes to electronic intermediaries and markets, e-procurement and e-business networks
  • Provides a complete overview of the technical foundations of e-business, with discussions of security, middleware, component-based development, legacy applications, enterprise application integration, web services and business protocols