Parent Savvy: Straight Answers to Your Family's Financial, Legal & Practical Questions (Parent Savvy)

Parent Savvy: Straight Answers to Your Family's Financial, Legal & Practical Questions (Parent Savvy)

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The only book that covers the financial, legal and practical aspects of raising your child.

You have diapers and naps figured out now its time to address the bigger questions about your childs future.

Whether you're a new parent or about to become one, turn to Parent Savvy to cross items off your baby "to do" list with confidence. It's the only book that gives you quick answers to questions that come with parenthood, such as:

- What type of child care is best for my family? - How do I balance work with family? - How do I take advantage of pregnancy and family leave? - Can I take advantage of tax credits? - Whats the best way to save for my childs education? - Do I need to write a will and choose a guardian? - and much more Youll find the answers plus tips, checklists and resources in Parent Savvy. Its the all-in-one reference youll turn to over and over. The book also features parenting advice from BabyCenter, the nation's leading Internet destination for new and expectant parents.

List of Forms Child Care Employment Agreement Authorization for Child's Medical Treatment

Table of Contents Introduction by BabyCenter Introduction by the Author How to Use Parent Savvy

Part 1: Before Baby (And Just After) 1. Selecting a Doctor or Midwife Basic Information About Obstetric Health Care Providers Obstetricians Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialists Family Physicians Certified Nurse Midwives Direct Entry Midwives 2. Deciding Where to Give Birth Hospitals Birth Centers Home Births 3. Choosing a Pediatrician 4. Medical Tests for Your Newborn 5. Applying for a Birth Certificate 6. Obtaining a Social Security Number

Part 2: Mother's Milk (And Your Right to Supply It) 7. Nursing in Public 8. Breastfeeding and the Working Mom

Part 3: Balancing Work and Family 9. Before Your Baby Arrives Breaking the News at Work Dealing With Unfair Treatment Working at a Strenuous or Dangerous Job While Pregnant Looking for a New Job While Pregnant 10. Taking Leave FMLA Leave State Leave and Benefits Employer Leave, Policies, and Benefits 11. Not Returning to Work 12. Returning to Work: Creating a Family-Friendly Work Schedule Telecommuting Flextime Compressed Workweek Job Sharing Working Part Time 13. Taking Time Off for Child-Related Issues 14. Dealing With Unfair Treatment Because You're a Parent 15. Health Insurance Issues Basic Information About Employer Sponsored Health Insurance Coverage During Pregnancy Coverage for Your Newborn Coverage for Your Adopted Child Special Issues for Unmarried Parents If You Lose or Quit Your Job

Part 4: Who's Minding the Baby? Choosing and Managing Child Care 16. Deciding What Type of Child Care to Use 17. Nannies Pros and Cons of Nannies Deciding What You Want in a Nanny Searching for a Nanny Prescreening Nannies Over the Phone Interviewing Nannies in Person Following Up on Your Nanny Interview Arranging a Nanny Background Check Working With a Nanny Placement Agency Legal Requirements for Employing a Nanny Paying Your Nanny Giving Your Nanny Time Off Offering Health Insurance Preparing a Nanny Employment Agreement Getting Your Nanny Started Preparing for Emergencies How to Deal With Problems With Your Nanny 18. Share Care Pros and Cons of Share Care Finding a Family to Share With Putting the Arrangement Together 19. Au Pairs 20. Day Care Centers 21. Preschools 22. Family Day Care

Part 5: Saving for the High Cost of Learning 23. Deciding Whether and When to Start Saving 24. Figuring Out How Much to Save 25. Choosing an Education Savings Plan 26. Types of Education Savings Plans Accounts in Your Own Name Coverdell Education Savings Accounts 529 College Savings Plans 529 Prepaid College Tuition Plans Education Savings Bonds Custodial Accounts Roth IRAs 27. Education Rewards Programs

Part 6: The Dependent Exemption, Child Care Tax Breaks, and Other Baby Gifts From the IRS 28. Tax Breaks for (Almost) All Parents The Dependent Exemption The Child Tax Credit 29. Child Care Tax Breaks General Information About Child Care Tax Breaks The Child Care Credit Dependent Care Accounts 30. Health Care Tax Breaks Flexible Health Spending Accounts Health Savings Accounts Medical/Dental Expense Deduction 31. Special Tax Breaks for Single Parents 32. Special Tax Breaks for Adoptive Parents The Adoption Tax Credit Tax-Free Employer Assistance 33. Special Tax Breaks for Foster Parents

Part 7: Guardians, Wills, and Other Things to Do Just in Case 34. Choosing Guardians Basic Information About Guardianship Picking the Right Person Divorce, Same-Sex Partnerships, and Other Tricky Issues What to Do Next 35. Dealing With Your Assets Deciding Who Will Get Your Assets Deciding How the Assets Will Be Managed 36. Writing a Will 37. Adding Life Insurance to Your Plan What Life Insurance Can Do Deciding Whether to Buy a Policy Choosing a Type of Policy: Term and Permanent Life Insurance Buying a Policy Naming a Beneficiary Part 8: Keeping Your Child Safe-At Home, On the Road, an