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The Mortgage Answer Book: Choosing The Right Loan For You

The Mortgage Answer Book: Choosing The Right Loan For You

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Everybody wants to own his or her own home. But many feel that home ownership is out of their grasp because they do not believe they qualify for a mortgage. The Mortgage Answer Book dispels these myths by identifying the options available and showing how loans are available for everyone. Looking at the pros and cons of each loan, the reader is then given the ability to make an informed decision that fits his or her needs. Knowing which loan is right begins with understanding all of the available options.

Loan options that are covered include: € Standard Mortgages € FHA Loans € Adjustable Rate Mortgages € Reverse Mortgages € Refinancing € Lines of Credit € Home Equity Loans € Second Mortgages AUTHORBIO: John J. Talamo is an attorney in Orange County, California. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and Detroit College of Law at Michigan State University. He is the author of The Real Estate Dictionary which has sold over two million copies and is used nationally by government agencies, title companies, escrow companies and real estate agents. He has taught real estate courses on a part-time basis for many years.