Interest in Islamic Economics: Understanding Riba (Islamic Studies)

Interest in Islamic Economics: Understanding Riba (Islamic Studies)

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The definition of the Islamic notion of riba is not offered in the Qur'an and Interest in Islamic Economics offers the reader various understandings of this Islamic economic concept. With Islamic banking becoming a more influential factor in the West, an analysis of the concept of riba - generally perceived as interest - is long overdue. This book provides a framework for understanding riba by examining:

A· Linguistics
A· Classical judicial analysis
A· The historical context
A· Modern Economics

Interest in Islamic Economics includes contributions from international scholars who are prominent within their fields. This book is essential reading for academics and professionals with interests in Islamic studies, Economics and Legal History.

Abdulkader Thomas is President and CEO of SHAPE Financial Corporation which offers Islamic financial products and solutions to US banks. He has 20 years of diversified financial services experience and is a graduate of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy in international trade and the University of Chicago in Arabic & Islamic studies.