What Works on Wall Street

What Works on Wall Street

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"A major contribution . . . on the behavior of common stocks in the United States."
--Financial Analysts' Journal

The consistently bestselling What Works on Wall Street explores the investment strategies that have provided the best returns over the past 50 years--and which are the top performers today. The third edition of this BusinessWeek and New York Times bestseller contains more than 50 percent new material and is designed to help you reshape your investment strategies for both the postbubble market and the dramatically changed political landscape.

Packed with all-new charts, data, tables, and analyses, this updated classic allows you to directly compare popular stockpicking strategies and their results--creating a more comprehensive understanding of the intricate and often confusing investment process. Providing fresh insights into time-tested strategies, it examines:

  • Value versus growth strategies
  • P/E ratios versus price-to-sales
  • Small-cap investing, seasonality, and more