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Trade Finance Handbook

Trade Finance Handbook

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This hands-on resource equips decision makers with valuable tools, insightful tips, and proven techniques for successfully navigating international trade finance. Written by export and finance authorities, TRADE FINANCE HANDBOOK delivers a practical understanding of how international trade transactions can be structured effectively. The book emphasizes how to identify, assess, and mitigate international risks, as well as quote prices and negotiate with clients and banks. It provides a solid understanding of standard payment options and how to use them, outlining 20 critical do's and don'ts of using letters of credit. It also includes thorough coverage of the value of drafts and acceptances, the function of insurance, key financing options available to exporters, and the role of government financing programs. Delivering complete coverage of the most common international finance tools, this book is an excellent resource for executives, marketing officers, credit managers, accountants, finance officers, and others making export decisions.