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What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds

What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds

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What Sticks is the one book that explains exactly how marketing and advertising works today! Based on new insights from analysis of over $1 billion worth of advertising.
Decades ago it was okay to believe, as retail magnate John Wanamaker did, that "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half." However, today the stakes are much higher. Marketing thought leaders Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart estimate that $112 billion in advertising spending in the U.S. alone is wasted, cutting deeply into company profits.
What Sticks uncovers bold new insights from the largest-ever global marketing research project among 30 Fortune 200 companies, including: Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, McDonalds, Unilever, Ford and others. This is a comprehensive and solutions-oriented book that outlines how any marketer, at any level, can guarantee their advertising succeeds.
Marketers cannot ignore the findings or the solutions revealed in What Sticks, such as:
  • Why 47% of the advertising campaigns studied didn't work and what you can do to guarantee yours does.
  • How to spend the same advertising budget, but get better results.
  • How to get your CFO and CEO to eagerly increase your marketing & advertising budget.
  • How to forecast next year's advertising budget (Hint: It's not by using last year's spending!).
  • How to immediately fix your advertising by applying these principles and real nuggets of wisdom.

    Издание на английском языке.