Cruise Operations Management (The Management of Hospitality and Tourism Enterprises)

Cruise Operations Management (The Management of Hospitality and Tourism Enterprises)

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Cruise Operations Management provides a comprehensive and contextualised overview of hospitality services for the cruise industry. As well as providing a background to the cruise industry, it also looks deeper into the management issues providing a practical guide for both students and professionals alike.

A user-friendly and practical guide it discusses issues such as:
A· The history and image of cruising
A· How to design a cruise and itinerary planning
A· Roles and responsibilities on a cruise ship
A· Customer service systems and passenger profiles
A· Managing food and drink operations onboard
A· Health, safety and security

Cruise Operations Management presents a range of contextualised facts illustrated by a number of case studies that encourage the reader to examine the often complex circumstances that surround problems or events associated to cruise operations. The case studies are contemporary and are constructed from first hand research with a number of international cruise companies providing a real world insight into this industry. Each case study is followed by questions that are intended to illuminate issues and stimulate discussion.

The structure of the book is designed so the reader can either build knowledge cumulatively for an in-depth knowledge of managerial practices and procedures onboard a cruise ship, or they can dip in and make use of specific material and case studies for use within a more generic hospitality or tourism learning context.

* Comprehensive overview of hospitality services and operations written specifically for the cruise industry
* Uses contemporary examples to illustrate the unique aspects of this industry providing a clear understanding of managing operations onboard
* Flexible format enables readers to build knowledge cumulatively or jump in and make use of specific material within a hospitality or tourism learning context