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Human Relations: Principles And Practices

Human Relations: Principles And Practices

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A brief version of Effective Human Relations, this text incorporates Reece/Brandt's innovative Total Person approach to the field—addressing interdependent personal traits in relation to workplace behavior. The authors offer a holistic perspective on how improved physical fitness, self-awareness, integrity, emotional control and other factors may positively impact employees at work. While much of the material comes from the comprehensive text, Reece and Brandt have carefully edited this textbook to focus on the immediate, personal application of human relations principles and practices.

  • Expanded coverage of human relations in the Information Age combines fundamental concepts and new practices essential for success in the current economy—including "Communicating via Technology" and a new case entitled "Cyber-Surveillance: Big Brother Is Watching!" in Chapter 2, and "The Age of Information Mandates Attitude Changes" in Chapter 5.
  • Human Relations in Action boxed inserts highlight real-world examples, including "Civility Under Siege," "Avoiding the Things That Annoy," and "Tools for Tolerance."
  • Reece and Brandt have revamped the text to feature the latest information on diversity—including age, income level, education, and communication style in addition to race, ethnicity, and nationality.