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Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management (with InfoTrac)

Business and Society: Ethics and Stakeholder Management (with InfoTrac)

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BUSINESS AND SOCIETY employs a stakeholder management framework. This framework emphasizes a business?s social, legal, political, and ethical responsibilities to both external and internal groups that have a stake, or interest, in that business. It is a fundamental goal of the course that students really get that responsible business decision makers strive to balance and protect the interests of various stakeholders?investors, employees, community, environment, etc. An emphasis is also placed on the fact that one needs to understand that business situations will continually arise that will truly test ones values and ethics. BUSINESS AND SOCIETY not only exposes students to diverse and important stakeholder and ethical frameworks for considering and protecting stakeholder interests, through its use of cases and other real-world applications, this text enhances the precision with which students think about and practice ethical decision making. Opportunities to apply stakeholder and ethical systems to specific business problems abound, and questions are provided with all cases and applications to focus student reasoning, ensuring excellent preparation for class discussions.