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Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness Data (Statistics in Practice)

Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness Data (Statistics in Practice)

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The statistical analysis of cost-effectiveness data is becoming increasingly important within health and medical research.A Statistical Analysis of Cost-Effectiveness DataA provides aA practical book that synthesises the huge amount of research that has taken place in the area over the last two decades.

Comprising an up-to-date overview of the statistical analysis of cost-effectiveness data,A the book isA supported by numerous worked examples from the author’s own experience. It has been written in a style suitable for medical statisticians and health care professionals alike. Key features include:

  • an overview of statistical methods used in the analysis of cost-effectiveness data.A
  • coverage of Bayesian methodology.
  • illustrated throughout by worked examples using real data.
  • suitability for health care professionals with limited statistical knowledge.
  • discussion of software used for data analysis.

An essential reference for biostatisticians and health economists engaged in cost-effectiveness analysis of health-care interventions, both in academia and industry. Also of interest to graduate students of biostatistics, public health and economics.