The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor

The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor

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What makes a financial advisor a top producer? Research indicates that the answer is emotional intelligence: the ability to use your emotions, moods, and feelings—and those of others—to work for you.

Emotionally intelligent financial advisors come to work each day with positive attitudes, ready to increase the bottom line. They find it easier to stay motivated in difficult times, bounce back quickly from setbacks, and increase their results-oriented behavior. While others struggle to keep clients, emotionally intelligent financial advisors enhance and develop client relationships by communicating their ideas effectively. They leave work feeling energized and productive, with lots of positive anticipation for the next day, regardless of how the market performed.

For the first time ever, Dr. Hendrie Weisinger, the financial services industry's leading authority on emotional intelligence, has outlined the essential "emotional intelligence tasks" he has helped thousands of financial advisors master. In The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor, financial advisors will learn how to:

• Quickly gain the trust of prospects and clients.
• Stay focused and manage anxiety in turbulent times.
• Deal effectively with emotionally reactive clients.
• Respond positively to clients' criticism in order to increase client trust.
• Turn setbacks into comebacks.
• Enhance office relationships.
• Stay motivated for the long haul.

The Emotionally Intelligent Financial Advisor is clear, concise, practical, filled with industry examples, and includes a personal assessment tool—everything a financial advisor will need to gain an emotionally intelligent edge.