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Jean Baptiste Charbonneau: Man of Two Worlds

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau: Man of Two Worlds

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Charbonneau (1805-1866) was a man of two worlds, Anglo/Indian and genteel/frontiersman. How he balanced these worlds makes him an intriguing character study in a complex West. Sacagawea's son, he rode in his Shoshone mother's cradleboard for 4,000 perilous miles with Lewis and Clark (1804-06), but that was only his beginning. The extensively researched text, based on documents gathered from archives, libraries and historical societies, places him in major events throughout the West. Personal relationships, period life ways and conflicts are revealed, along with some controversial interpretation. The extraordinary connection between the Charbonneau family and William Clark also is explored. The fast-paced book will inspire those who love the West and want to know more about key historical figures. Followers of the Charbonneau family, Clark, Indian history and culture, and those who embrace the natural western environment will enjoy the book even more. Please note: the writing style and thematic approach of this book are suitable for a wide audience, including students from age 15 to those with advanced knowledge of the era. "He was a man before his time, a model of diversity . . . and lived a life that many only dream about." Dr. David Diaz, Author "This is the epic story of an extraordinary American, not fully revealed until now." Larry M. Stewart, DCH, Author "It is remarkable how one person could be so involved in the history of the American West." Jean M. Klausner, Educator