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The World According to Martha

The World According to Martha

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Domestic Diva. Media Mogul. Convenient Scapegoat.The life of Martha Stewart-;in her own words. Without an open-mindedmind, you can never bea great success. I catnap now andthen, but I think whileI nap, so it's not awaste of time. I want you to knowthat am innocent-;andthat I will fight to clearmy name. All the things I loveis what my businessis all about. With her release from prison, Martha Stewart has a new lease on life and her career-;and shows no sign of stopping.Love her or hate her, even her itics acknowledge sheis a unique success and a true American original inbusiness. As her own words prove well, Martha Stewartcan be insightful, candid, irreverent, strategic, no-nonsense,ironic, straightforward, combative, competitive-;and most of all-riginal. This exclusive collection shares her thoughts on businesslife and ambition, work and family, being the boss,leadership, creativity, success, privacy, and more-;as sheconfided them to friends and family, as she proclaimedin her writings, speecs, and press conferences, andeven when she thought no one was listening.