Entrepreneurship Strategy: Changing Patterns in New Venture Creation, Growth, and Reinvention

Entrepreneurship Strategy: Changing Patterns in New Venture Creation, Growth, and Reinvention

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The Ryan Creativity Center at DePaul received recognition for its Idea Clinic as one of the top ten business programs in universities that are "entrepreneurial hot spots" programs.

Lisa Gundry has been awarded the Innovation in Business Education Award in 1997, by the American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) Mid-Continent East Association. She has also received the DePaul University Excellence in Teaching Award.A A

Jill KickulA received the 2000 Management Department Teaching Innovation and Assessment Award.

In this engaging and practical book, authors Lisa K. Gundry and Jill R. Kickul uniquely approach entrepreneurship across the life cycle of business growth—offering entrepreneurial strategies for the emerging venture, for the growing venture, and for sustaining growth in the established venture. Written from the point of view of the founder or the entrepreneurial team, the book offers powerful and practical tools to increase a venture’s potential for success and growth.A A A

Key Features:
  • Presents the changing pattern of strategic needs faced by the new venture: The theories, practices, and tools in this book help enhance a venture’s creativity in the early days of business start-up and maintain the innovative edge throughout the life of the business. The authors emphasize the key strategic roles of creativity, opportunity identification, opportunity evaluation, and innovation in the emergence and growth of entrepreneurial firms.
  • Offers real-world examples and contemporary cases: Each chapter contains up-to-date cases, Strategy in Action vignettes, Speaking of Strategy interviews with real-life entrepreneurs, and a Failures and Foibles segment to help readers learn from others’ experiences and missteps.
  • Promotes innovative thinking: The Innovator’s Toolkit and Strategic Reflection Points give students the opportunity to reflect on the material presented. In addition, Research in Practice sections provide a summary of recent research on the chapter topic.
  • Includes instructor resources on CD: A This supportive CD contains PowerPoint slides, lecture outlines, sample syllabi, a guide to using the Special Elements in each chapter, and a listing of additional resources.A A

Intended Audience: This is an ideal core textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses such as Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management, Entrepreneurship Strategy, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurial Growth, Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurial Marketing, and Global Entrepreneurship in the fields of Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Organizational Behavior. A A