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Transformational CEOs: Leadership And Management Success in Japan

Transformational CEOs: Leadership And Management Success in Japan

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Transformational CEOs questions why some Japanese firms succeeded in the 1990s despite an economy that failed - regardless of the burst of the `bubble' economy, a number of Japanese companies have maintained or extended their international leadership in particular sectors. The authors argue that while some of the reasons for successes are plain common sense - operational effectiveness and superior CEO leadership - some are Japan-specific and point to a break with traditional leadership rationale.

Presenting four in-depth case studies, the book shows that newly appointed foreign managers and overseas trained Japanese managers have been instrumental in the success of these corporations and have re-written the rulebook on Japanese management. The behavior patterns and cognitive processes of successful CEOs in Japanese companies - Nissan and Sony being the most well-known - are examined. From these studies, two different but equally successful leadership approaches have emerged: the Proto-Image of the Firm (PIF) and Profit-Arithmetic (PA). The first involves supporting a business decision by comparing business proposals with the CEO's image of the firm, while the second focuses on processing data and information through a mental model that enables identification of profit levers.

Providing lessons in leadership, and concluding that transformational leadership requires a choice between two types of mindset (PIF and PA), this book will be invaluable to academics, business consultants, managers and executives with an interest in strategic management and leadership. Scholars of Asian studies will also find the book to be a fascinating read.