Risk & Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate

Risk & Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate

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Savvy young real estate entrepreneur Kendra Todd shows you how to take smart risks -- and make millions in real estate!

Kendra Todd understands that the one thing that keeps people from entering today's real estate market and improving their lives is a fear of risk. Is the market still hot? Will the bubble burst? How do you judge where that fine line between necessary and unacceptable risk really falls?

In Risk & Grow Rich,Todd addresses real estate risk from all sides, shows how to recognize a smart risk, and lays out the steps for turning risk into opportunity. With quizzes to test what kind of risk taker you are and real-life examples of successful risks that paid off, Risk & Grow Rich prepares you for the secret of making money in real estate: leveraging your equity at a recession-proof price point with coauthor Charles Andrews's trademarked Equity Building Formula.

Warm, candid, and intelligent, Todd and her partner Charles Andrews give you down-to-earth, practical advice about evaluating risks that you can use in both the real estate world and in your everyday life. She teaches how to recognize potential problems from the outset and how to use competition to stay motivated, and explodes the biggest risk myths that stop people from realizing their full potential.

Risk & Grow Rich means going into risky situations fully aware -- with plans and contingencies in place -- by educating yourself, having a risk "dive buddy," and setting yourself up for success in the one proven way to make money over the long term: the real estate market. By following this plan, Todd's net worth grew to more than a million dollars by the age of twenty-six. Now it's time to go out and make your millions!