The Well Timed Strategy: Managing the Business Cycle for Competitive Advantage

The Well Timed Strategy: Managing the Business Cycle for Competitive Advantage

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"In The Well-Timed Strategy, Navarro provides a useful primer on business cycle risks and opportunities. Recognizing that business success depends most of all on human capital, he makes the crucial observation that the trough of a recession is the best time to find good people and the most important time to focus on retaining them. This and other insights about investment, production, and marketing give today's executives a useful checklist for building and maintaining competitive advantage."

-Michael Milken, Chairman, The Milken Institute

"Navarro's conclusions should be an integral part of any management strategy playbook. Timing is indeed everything, and this book shows you how to master it for a successful business."

-Bruce Karatz, Chairman and CEO, KB Home

"The business cycle bedevils all companies, yet few take it into account when plotting strategy. Peter Navarro provides a powerful set of tools, insights, and examples that will help every executive master the all-important art of timing."

-Nicholas G. Carr, Author of Does IT Matter?

"What surprised me the most about this wonderful `Big Ideas' book was not how incisive, useful, and far-ranging its strategic prescriptions are but rather how much fun I actually had reading it."

-Mark Zandi, Chief Economist and Co-Founder of

"The overriding approach to real estate success used to be `location, location, location,' but it is an absolute fact that `timing, timing, timing' is the ultimate driver behind maximizing return on investment. Peter Navarro illustrates that point with compelling examples of some of the best companies that have proactively navigated the business cycle as well as those that have faltered. The Well-Timed Strategy is an insightful look into the critical concept of knowing not just how to make a move, but more importantly, when."

-Richard S. Ziman, Chairman and CEO, Arden Realty, Inc.

"Don't miss this guide to surviving-and thriving-during topsy-turvy industry fluctuations."

-Kirkus Reports

"This book is a virtual tour de force of strategies and tactics being used by some of best `Master Cyclist' business executives in the world. Using a wealth of real-world examples, Navarro clearly explains the dos and don'ts of timing important executive decisions to the business cycle-so much so that after reading this book, you'll view the business cycle more as a strategic partner rather than an economic adversary."

-Lakshman Achuthan, Managing Director, Economic Cycle Research Institute

"A path-breaking book full of useful war stories from the front lines. As Lance Armstrong would advise, you don't win a race in the flats-but in the mountains, by managing the ascents and descents better than your competition. Navarro shows us how the same is true for how businesses navigate the ups and downs of the business cycle."

-Stephan G. Richter, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief,

"Peter Navarro is that rare academic whose expertise spans both strategic management and technical economics-and writes like a dream. Here, he clearly explains how an understanding of the economics of business cycles gives managers a huge advantage in strategic planning while offering many compelling examples of how companies have succeeded or failed according to their reading of the impact of macroeconomics on their industries."

-Peter Passell, Senior Fellow at the Milken Institute and Editor of the Milken Institute Review

"Peter Navarro has written a remarkable, path-breaking book about strategic management of the business cycle that is destined to be a classic in both corporate boardrooms and business schools. Using a rich array of real world examples, he shows why corporate leaders must always be proactive, often counter-cyclical, and ever nimble."

-Bernard Baumohl, Executive Director of the Economic Outlook Group and Author of The Secrets of Economic Indicators

Most companies ignore one of their best opportunities for honing competitive advantage: proactively managing the business cycle and broader macroeconomic turbulence. In The Well-Timed Strategy, Peter Navarro reveals why the business cycle is an even more powerful P&L driver than you may realize, and demonstrates how it can be profitably managed.

Navarro distills a set of clear and compelling strategies and tactics for managing economic upswings and downswings, oil price spikes, currency crises, trade wars, and other severe macroeconomic shocks. Navarro's "Master Cyclist" management principles address everything from inventory, production, and supply chains to marketing, pricing, acquisitions, and long-term capital investment. Navarro presents examples and case studies from around the globe, ranging from high tech to heavy industry, from Broadcom, Micron, and Cemex to Paccar and Xilinx, from Chinese entrepreneurs to large multinationals.