The Regulation of International Trade

The Regulation of International Trade

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Praise for previous edition:

"This is probably the best book on international trade available in English ... unlike many books that exist on this topic, this volume is relatively comprehensible."
Kenneth Woodside, University of Guelph

"The institutional/legal issues at the centre of current trade policy debate are splendidly dealt with in this book ... this makes the book a very useful text for students of both economics and international law."
Nigel Grimwade, South Bank University

"[This volume] is thought-provoking in so many ways (organization and structure, ideas expressed, its interdisciplinary approach to the regulation of international trade) ... a must for students but also for trade practitioners in any capacity."
Petros C. Mavroidis, University of NeuchA?tel

The Regulation of International Trade is the definitive text tracing the origins and development of the world's system of trade and tariffs.

Drawing on a widevariety of classic and contemporary sources, the authors provide a critical analysis of the institutions and agreements that have shaped international trade rules, including the World Trade Organization, the North American Free Trade Agreement and the commercial aspects of the European Union.

Basic principles such as Most Favored Nation and National Treatment are contextualized, and special sections cover trade areas such as agriculture, services and the growing debate over trade-related intellectual property rights.

The environment, labor rights and migration are also examined in light of the growing debate over globalization and groundbreaking international treaties such as the Kyoto Agreement.

Drawing on previous highly praised editions but including up-to-date material on the Doha trade round and the growing body of WTO dispute resolution case law, this comprehensive text is an invaluable guide to students of economics, law, politics and international relations.