The Nature of Leadership

The Nature of Leadership

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“In The Nature of Leadership, Antonakis, Cianciolo, and Sternberg provide a thorough review of the state of leadership research. I was impressed with the reviews of research methods, leadership assessment, the influence of context, and ethics. It is a must read for those who teach leadership.”

A A A A A A A A A A A —Robert Hooijberg, Professor of Organizational Behavior, International Institute
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The Nature of Leadership is a masterful state-of-the-art-and-science compendium written to appeal to researchers, students, and practitioners of leadership. This book covers the leadership landscape with both breadth and depth of knowledge and practice possible only from real experts and their protA©gA©s. It will be off my bookshelf often, as I plan to use it regularly.”

—Fran Yammarino, Distinguished Professor of Management and Director of the Center for Leadership Studies, State University of New York at Binghamton

"The Nature of Leadership will be useful to anyone with an interest in leadership. Its relevance extends beyond business to toher social sciences and humanities discplines as well..."

Leadership scholars have made many inroads in understanding leadership. However, making sense of thousands of studies and hundreds of books is a difficult endeavor, which is why many still incorrectly think that leadership is an elusive phenomenon. The Nature of Leadership is the first concise and integrated volume that addresses current issues in leadership research, including emerging topics such as gender, culture, and ethics.A

More than ever before, leadership is seen as critical for the proper functioning of societies and social institutions. Written by a team of leading experts, The Nature of Leadership will provide compelling answers to the most vexing questions surrounding leadership:A
  • Is leadership measurable?A
  • Are there traits that reliably distinguish leaders from nonleaders?A A
  • Does the situation matter?A A
  • Are there differences in women’s and men’s leadership styles?A A A
  • Is ethical leadership effective leadership?A A
  • Are elements of leadership culturally bounded whereas other elements are universal?A A A
  • Does vision really matter?A A
  • Can leadership be developed?A A A
Editors John Antonakis, Anna T. Cianciolo, and Robert J. Sternberg have compiled a landmark volume that addresses all of the above (answers to all of which are “yes”) and much more. As Warren Bennis notes in the book’s conclusion, in our time, we witness scandals, bankruptcies, war, misery, and suffering mostly because of corrupt and immoral leadership. Beginning with an introduction from the editors, and ending with Bennis’s concluding chapter, The Nature of Leadership takes students, scholars, and practicing managers through every facet of leadership from the perspective of the world’s leading experts.