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Leverage: How to Create Your Own "Tipping Points" in Business And in Life

Leverage: How to Create Your Own "Tipping Points" in Business And in Life

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At the focal point of every so-called problem, there is a lever. And if we were to only take it up, we could lift our world instead of being frightened and overwhelmed by it.

Leverage is the multiplier effect that lets you create tipping points that help you lift your world. Inspiration for Leverage comes from Archimedes, the early Greek mathematician who proclaimed, "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I could lift the world." Checketts has written a book that shows us where our levers are in every situation. Because the fast-paced world we live in is all about leverage - those with it, win; those without it, stay mired in the muck.

Leverage contains 25 keys to greater leverage for leadership in business and success in life. You will learn how to:

• Demystify the idea of vision and make it the force for getting where you intend to go. • Discover what you really want and what you must give to get it. • Embrace the 21st Century standard of excellence: What is theoretically possible? • Move beyond conflict resolution to harness the power of opposites. • Turn on your "receptive force" to hear what the world is trying to tell you. • Make commitment the most magnificent word in your vocabulary. • Achieve crystal-clear agreement with those who share your destiny. • Discover four distinct dimensions of thinking that will deepen your understanding and invigorate your intuition. • Expand your partnerships as the most powerful way to extend your leverage. • Know the value of what you create to build the wealth that will last.

Checketts will take you to memorable places, introduce you to fascinating personalities, and explore situations that illustrate the power of the leverage we all seek.