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Who's That Clown at My Desk?

Who's That Clown at My Desk?

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Many organizations have reached a point at which top managers no longer tolerate advice on right and wrong by thoughtful priest role players; nor are some managers willing to accept court jesters, or clowns, as they play their needed roles in challenging authority.

Are there any clowns at your work? There should be.

Who's That Clown at My Desk? helps you identify four key work roles—the warrior, the king, the priest, and the clown—and how they relate to your own workplace. Through a series of true stories, author William A. Weimer argues that the roles of priest and clown are declining in the workforce and offers advice on how to change this.

For an organization to run smoothly, all roles need to be represented. Weimer believes that if the priest and clown roles are not currently present at your job, then you can take the initiative to see them implemented. Although it might be risky, making sure that these roles exist within your company will ensure a greater workforce, better working conditions, and overall employee satisfaction. By focusing on teams and teamwork, Weimer provides a sound basis for improving the overall work experience.