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Leading Project Teams: An Introduction to the Basics of Project Management and Project Team Leadership

Leading Project Teams: An Introduction to the Basics of Project Management and Project Team Leadership

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Leading Project Teams offers an accessible introduction to the important basics of project management while providing key issues and pointers on team leadership. Easy to read, this engaging book assumes little to no knowledge of project management. Leading Project Teams quickly leads the reader through the fundamentals including how to start a project, how to assign tasks, how to write clear project reports, and much, much more!A A

Key Features:
  • Offers Real World Scenarios: Each chapter opens with a real-world project problem faced by a project leader. Selected from a wide range of industries—from academe to business to health care—each situation portrays how project work applies to real project problems in a variety of settings.
  • Identifies Key Expectations of Project Leaders: Concrete advice is given on leading project teams across a number of important leadership issues and on how project leaders should develop and guide project team members.
  • Provides Quick-Learning Project Tools: Many accessible tools are provided to help readers understand the basics of project management such as the work breakdown structure and project scheduling. Extensive coverage on team literature is offered to help students learn the basics of team construction and team dynamics.
  • Includes Instructor resources. Provides a test bank, PowerPoint slides, and tips for managing effective teams in the classroom.A A

This is an ideal supplemental text for any class or training situation where the instructor wants to integrate basic project and team leadership skills into his or her other instructional needs. A It is designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students studying organizational behavior; strategic management; and human resource management in Business, Education, Health Care, and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.A A A A

Instructors resources on CD are now available!