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Successful Writing At Work

Successful Writing At Work

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This best-selling text is more than a comprehensive introduction for the business writing course; it also serves as a post-college reference tool for students launching their careers. Successful Writing at Work takes a practical approach to prepare students for the wide array of communication tasks they will face on the job. The text is recognized for its abundance of realistic situations and problems, broad range of real-world examples, and detailed guidelines for drafting, editing, and producing professional documents and graphics.

To facilitate learning, the text is organized into four sections that build logically and sequentially. Part 1 introduces the basics: keys to effective writing, ethics, the writing process, and collaborative writing. Part 2 explores such simple business writing tasks as memos, types of business letters, emails, and how to conduct a job search. Part 3 covers the fine points of conducting research and documenting sources. Part 4 details more complex business communication activities, from designing visuals and web sites to writing proposals, drafting short and long reports, and making oral presentations.

  • New! Updated technology coverage includes researching with electronic and online resources; writing for the web; creating visually effective web sites; using computer programs such as PowerPoint and Corel Draw to enhance oral presentations; and learning new technologies that continue to change the way people communicate in the workplace.
  • New! Added writing instruction covers how to prepare news releases in the chapter on Summarizing Material, and instructions for policies and regulations in the chapter on Writing Instructions. The Documenting Sources chapter features up-to-date coverage of MLA and APA documentation styles.
  • New! Up-to-date, thought-provoking approaches to business writing include enhanced coverage of thinking globally and multiculturally when communicating in various business contexts and engaging new real-world examples that demonstrate the kinds of situations students will face on the job.
  • New and Updated! Tech Notes throughout the text show students how technology can be used in various types of business communication.
  • This edition retains the text's hallmark features: strong coverage of the writing process, ethics in the workplace, and audience analysis and writing for various audiences.
  • Assignments and descriptions put students in a workplace mindset by asking them to imagine themselves in such roles as a customer service representative, web site designer, or job candidate.