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The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules For Business Success

The Etiquette Edge: The Unspoken Rules For Business Success

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In today's increasingly diverse and ever-changing work environments, the old rules of conduct often don't seem to apply anymore. Customs vary, and language and cultural differences, not to mention evolving office hierarchies, are among the many factors making interaction an increasingly complex challenge.

The Etiquette Edge offers a clear, commonsense approach to making courtesy, etiquette, and respect for others a competitive advantage in the workplace. Rather than dwelling on dry, nitpicky "rules," the book emphasizes appropriate, effective communication and behavior as a means to get ahead. Simply written and containing quizzes, checklists, and sidebar examples, the book shows readers how to:

* Recover from a major workplace faux pas
* Handle sensitive e-mail and phone communications
* Make a great impression on bosses, and get along with "enemies"
* Deliver unwelcome information, including condolences
* Manage confrontations with courtesy