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Widening the Family Circle: New Research on Family Communication

Widening the Family Circle: New Research on Family Communication

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“In Widening the Family Circle, the editors have assembled an eclectic group of accomplished authors to shed much needed light on many of the diverse and important forms of family relationships that are rarely studied or even understood. The focus on detailed description, examples, and research findings will appeal to both students and research scholars alike.” —Chris Segrin, University of Arizona
“This book helps us to realize the uniqueness of family systems and how many different types of relationships contribute to making up the family. It has a definite place in the market and for use in the classroom.” —Nancy J. Eckstein, Bethel University
Widening the Family Circle: New Research on Family Communication bridges the significant gap in family communication literature by providing a thorough examination of lesser-studied family relationships, such as those involving grandparents, in-laws, cousins, stepfamilies, and adoptive parents. In this engaging text, editors Kory Floyd and Mark T. Morman bring together a diverse collection of empirical studies, theoretic essays, and critical reviews of literature on communication to constitute a stronger, more complete understanding of communication within the family.A A

Key Features:
  • Addresses lesser-studied family relationships: While most books on family communication focus primarily on marriage and biological, custodial parent-child relations, this text explores a much wider circle of family relationships. A thorough examination of stepfamilies, mothers/adult daughters, adult siblings, grandparents, adoptive, fathers/adult sons, parents- and siblings-in-law, and post-divorce relationships is provided.
  • Offers commentary by leading family communication scholars: This book brings together the best of the research being conducted on various types of family relationships and showcases the work of some of the most respected scholars within the field of family communication.A
  • Includes abundant references: A comprehensive reference section provides rich sources of literature reviews not included in many other texts to help students and scholars with their own projects and research. A

Intended Audience: Perfect supplementary textbook for undergraduate and introductory graduate courses in Family Communication; also relevant for many courses in Human Communication, Family Psychology, Family Studies, and Social Psychology A