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Teaching And Learning Communication Skills In Medicine

Teaching And Learning Communication Skills In Medicine

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This book, the companion volume to Skills for Communicating with Patients (Radcliffe Publishing, 2nd edition, 1 85775 640 1, Dec 2004), focuses on helping facilitators, program directors, and learners to come to terms with the practicalities of teaching and learning this subject. In this fully updated, revised, and greatly expanded new edition, the authors start with an overview of the "why", "what", and "how" of teaching and learning communication skills in medicine and then explore in depth specific teaching, learning, and assessment methods that can be applied in practice. They then examine how to construct communication curricula at all levels of medical education, and anticipate directions for the communication curricula of the future. As well as being essential reading for facilitators, program directors and all others involved in teaching, planning, and developing communication skills programs whether in undergraduate, residency, or continuing medical education, this book will also be of great value to learners, and to residents and practicing physicians - whether as learners themselves or as informal teachers in the work-place or role-models to the next generation of doctors.

See also Skills for Communicating with Patients, Second Edition (1 85775 640 1)