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Rules, Britannia

Rules, Britannia

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How do you respond to a dinner invitation that said Eight for eight thirty? What might induce you to get off a London train at a place called Mud Chute? And why do the Brits keep saying Whos she, the cats mother? Rules, Britannia is an invaluable resource for Americans who want to make a smooth transition when visiting or relocating to the UK. It is an entertaining and practical insiders guide containing scores of established dos and donts from across the pond that only a Brit would know: Showing two fingers doesnt mean peace in the UK When driving, never turn on red and for heavens sake, keep left! Dont stress over the salad plate. Covering such essential topics as vocabulary, house or flat-hunting, business culture, child-rearing, and even relationship etiquette, this book will lessen the anxiety that comes with a trans-Atlantic move or extended visit, while giving the reader a leg up on the advanced communication ladder.