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Government, Business, and the American Economy

Government, Business, and the American Economy

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This current and inclusive book discusses the role of government in American economy— covering such topics as antitrust laws, deregulation of communication, consumer protection, employment policy, and the roles of special interest groups . A look at international trading blocks, and America in a global economy, provides readers with an understanding of the far reaching effects of government on the U.S., and gives them a wealth of knowledge valuable in their everyday life as American citiens and consumers. Chapter topics include government regulation; the Supreme Court and the Sherman Act, Federal Trade Commission, and Clayton Acts; employment policies; environmental protection; deregulation of transportation, financial institutions, andcommunications; foreign trade; international trade; and the United States in a world economy. For individuals interested in learning more about the ways in which the government impacts the American economy—ranging from taxing to spending, and economc to social regulation.