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Is the Sacred for Sale?: Tourism and Indigenous Peoples

Is the Sacred for Sale?: Tourism and Indigenous Peoples

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* First comprehensive publication concerning the commodification of Indigenous cultures and the effects of tourism on world biodiversity * A practical, user-friendly guide for both Indigenous Peoples and tourism professionals - to address the true impacts of tourism * Connects expert analyses of global tourism trends with insights on community level needs and experiences

Tourism is the fastest growing industry in the world. Ecotourism, often considered a more benign form of tourism, can in fact cause the most damage, as it targets more vulnerable environments and cultures.

Is the Sacred for Sale? looks at our present crossroads in consumer society. It analyses the big questions of tourism, clarifying how it can support biodiversity conservation. It also offers a cross-cultural window to the divide between corporate thinking and sacred knowledge, to help us understand why collisions over resources and land use are escalating. Finally we have a full spectrum of information for healthy dialogue and new relationships.

This book is a profound wake up call to the business world and to decision-makers that shape current policy. It poses important questions to us all and is a must read for every tourist and traveller.