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Spatial Dynamics, Networks And Modelling (New Horizons in Regional Science Series)

Spatial Dynamics, Networks And Modelling (New Horizons in Regional Science Series)

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As a result of the drastic changes caused by major systemic shifts in society, such as the rise of the knowledge economy or the increasing use of information and communication technology, modern economies have witnessed a transition to a networked society, where interconnectivity and interoperability between different economic systems and layers play a significant role.

This important new book provides a valuable set of studies on spatial dynamics, emerging networks and modelling efforts. It employs interdisciplinary concepts alongside innovative trajectories to highlight recent advances in analysing and modelling the spatial economy, transport networks, industrial dynamics and regional systems. It is argued that modelling network processes at different spatial scales provides critical information for the design of plans and policies. Furthermore, a key issue in the current complex and heterogeneous landscape is the adoption and validation of new approaches, models and methodologies, which are able to grasp the emergent aspects of economic uncertainty and discontinuity, as well as overcome the current difficulties of carrying out appropriate forecasts. In exploring diverse pathways for theoretical, methodological and empirical analysis, this exciting volume offers promising and evolutionary perspectives on the modern spatial network society.

Spatial Dynamics, Networks and Modelling is a unique and illuminating book, which will have widespread appeal among students, scholars and practitioners of spatial economics, regional science, transport economics and geography.