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The Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy

The Distributional Effects of Environmental Policy

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This publication is a milestone in the analysis of the distributional impacts of environmental policy, building upon existing literature to simultaneously examine disparities in the distribution of environmental impacts and in the distribution of financial effects amongst households.

The objectives of this new book are threefold:

• to provide a conceptual framework to better understand the disparities in the distributional effects (environmental and financial) of environmental policy upon the individual household
• to review empirical evidence on the distributional implications (both financial and environmental) of environmental policies through a number of case studies
• to analyse policy implications by reviewing challenges facing some policymakers as they seek to design environmentally effective and economically efficient environmental policies, while ensuring that social concerns such as distributional effects are simultaneously addressed.

Scholars and researchers in the areas of environmental and resource economics will find much to engage them within this book, as will policymakers involved in environmental policy-making.