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Ending Global Poverty: A Guide to What Works

Ending Global Poverty: A Guide to What Works

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An expert on global poverty gives readers the tools and knowledge to help the needy now T wo out of every three people in the world live on less than two dollars a day. This is a grim statistic but hundreds of millions of people are breaking free from poverty with the help of grass-roots programs and organizations funded by regular people here and abroad. In Ending Global Poverty, Stephen Smith gives readers the tools they need to help people overcome poverty and to determine what organizations are most effective in fighting it. Smith takes people to rural areas and urban slums for a close-up view of innovative and effective programs that are making a real difference. The book also describes how companies and foreign investors could play a constructive role in addressing the problem, offering guidelines and suggestions. This book is a vital resource for anyone who wants practical advice about how to make a difference.