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Multinationals and Global Capitalism: From the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century

Multinationals and Global Capitalism: From the Nineteenth to the Twenty-first Century

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This book provides a unique contribution to contemporary globalization debates by providing an accessible survey of the growth and role of multinational enterprises in the world economy over the last two hundred years. The author shows how entrepreneursbuilt a global economy in the
nineteenth century by creating firms that pursued resources and markets across borders. It demonstrates how multinationals shifted strategies as the first global economy disintegrated in the political and economic chaos btween the two world wars, and how they have driven the creation of the
contemporary global economy.
Many of the issues of the global economy have been encountered in the past. This book shows how entrepreneurs and managers met the political, ethicl, cultural and organizational challenges of operating across national borders at different times and in different environments. The role of
multinationals is placed within their wider political and economic context. There are chapters on the impact f multinationals, and on relations with governments.
The focus on the shifting roles of firms and industries over time rather than abstract trade and capital flows provides compelling evidence on the diversity and discontinuities of the globalization rocess. The book explains the history of multinationals across a wide spectrum of manufacturing,
service and natural resource industries from an international perspective, which ranges widely across different countries. It provides an essential histoical framework for understanding global business.
An accessible survey of the history of international business worldwide, this book will be key reading for students taking courses in International Business, Business History, Multinationals, and Entrereneurship; and of interest to academics and researchers working in these areas.