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Conscience and Corporate Culture (Foundations of Business Ethics)

Conscience and Corporate Culture (Foundations of Business Ethics)

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To what ethical standards can we hold corporations? In the past few years, monumental corporate scandals have been emblazoned on every front page, but people have largely responded with ambivalence to events such as Enron's collapse and the tragedy of NASA's Columbia. In Conscience and Corporate Culture , Goodpaster sets out to identify the common patterns among such recent events, and argues for the development of an ethical response. Reporting on more than three decades of professional evolution, the book serves as a platform for communication between doers and thinkers on a subject that is profoundly difficult and important.A vital resource for both educators in the field of business ethics, and practicing corporate executives, this volume is an important step in advancing the constructive dialogue on a conscience for corporations. Perhaps we should ask no more of corporations than we ask of ourselves morally, but neither should we ask less.