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The Hardship of Nations: Exploring the Paths of Modern Capitalism

The Hardship of Nations: Exploring the Paths of Modern Capitalism

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After more than two decades of widespread hardship for most nations, what are the different paths available for them to resume steady growth and welfare? Will they actually succeed in building new growth models that meet the challenges of the present phase of internationalisation? This book attempts to answer these questions by analyzing different perspectives and discussing the conditions for new national growth trajectories to emerge.

The book provides conceptual tools for characterizing alternative growth regimes by analyzing their institutional backgrounds and political context. Unlike standard convergence theories, the authors argue that the diversity of capitalism is likely to persist as national economies adapt to the forces of globalization. Still these national paths remain strongly conditioned by the kind of governance set up at both regional and fully international levels.

The Hardship of Nations will be of great interest to undergraduates and graduates in the social sciences - economics, political sciences, sociology, geography, management - who require an overview of the debates on growth of national economies in the present stage of globalization.