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She Wins, You Win

She Wins, You Win

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The New York Times bestselling author of Play Like a Man, Win Like a Woman tells women the ONE RULE they need to know in order to succeed in business.

In her first book, Gail Evans showed women how to get ahead in the workplace by learning the unwritten rules of business that men "wrote" and play by. In She Wins, You Win , Gail takes her empowering approach to corporate success a step further by telling women that it isn't enough to understand the men's rules—women must create their own. In SHE WINS, YOU WIN Gail shares the secrets of:
A· The importance of being a team player—and how to set up your own winning team
A· When it's okay to break the rules
A· How to use the resources already at your disposal much more powerfully
A· Rainmaking, and why it's absolutely essential to women's success
A· When to stay quiet and when to share information
A· Why women should forget networking and start "webbing"
A· Why you have to watch our for Silent Treatment Sophie and Queen Bea
A· Why you don't have to play golf

Whether you're a top executive or an entry-level assistant, She Wins, You Win will give you the tactics and strategies you need to attain your career goals.