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India Policy Forum, 2005-06 (India Policy Forum) (India Policy Forum)

India Policy Forum, 2005-06 (India Policy Forum) (India Policy Forum)

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The India Policy Forum (IPF) is a joint publication of the National Council of Applied Economic Research, New Delhi (India) and the Brookings Institution, Washington DC (USA). The objective of the IPF is to generate theoretically rigorous, empirical research on important current and prospective issues of Indian economic policy.

The annual publication is based on commissioned papers which are discussed in draft by a global panel of scholars and policymakers with knowledge of the Indian economy. As such, the IPF has also developed a global network of scholars interested in India's economic transformation. While the treatment of the topics is rigorous, the presentation is designed to be accessible to the interested non-specialist reader. Interpretative context for the papers is provided by the inclusion of Discussants’ comments and an Editors’ Summary.

Volume 1 was published by the Brookings Institution Press. Volume 2 (2005-06) and thereafter will be published by SAGE in July 2006.